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“We believe that beautiful Jewelry should gracefully gather a patina of our life experiences. We envision a joyful child discovering her mother’s jewelry box, dreaming of the day when she, too, will wear these treasures and be warmed by their rich memories” –Paul “Yashi” Lubitz co-founder of Holly Yashi

When I read this statement, I knew I had found my artist for May! Every second Sunday in May we celebrate our mothers and many of our customers choose to thank their Moms with a jewelry purchase from Cameron’s.  I cannot express how much I enjoy watching children, often with their fathers, pick out jewelry for their Moms. For the children, the search is truly a treasure hunt and a delight to find a bit of beauty to give in thanks.

We all are attracted to color and so naturally many customers find themselves pondering the many designs of Holly Yashi, a beautiful and unique line that has stood the test of time. Though every year they introduce new designs, they never deviate from their signature look using colorful, lightweight and easy to care for Niobium. Woven into their designs are materials such as Swarovski crystals, dichroic glass and hypo allergenic metals.

Their story begins in 1981 in a small garage studio. Holly Hosterman had completed a degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Jewelry. Paul “Yashi” Lubitz held a double degree in industrial technology and music. Together, they discovered the magic of Niobium. Niobium, a dull gray metal, is transformed through an expedited oxidation process in which it is dipped into a bath of electrically charged water. Through this process, the metal changes into rich hues of color. Thus, their signature look was born and not unlike the transformation of Niobium, flash forward to today and their small garage studio is now a 15,000 square foot studio in Arcata, California, nestled between the Redwood Forest and the Pacific coastline.

Through the years, they have stayed committed to creating jewelry in small batches, taking the time needed to create a treasure. Though they recognize that much of the jewelry industry is focused on producing jewelry quickly and inexpensively, without a long life expectancy, they choose to labor longer, with love, and create a jewel that will last.

With the success of their studio, Holly Yashi has been able to set up a fund, Holly Yashi Cares. Holly Hosterman, herself, suffered through a rare form of breast cancer. During her struggle, she discovered the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.

“Having breast cancer has truly been a transformative experience for my faith and my body. I’ve been so blessed to have had skilled doctors, my friends and a positive, supportive environment. I hope to be able to encourage other women to be proactive with their health and by giving to Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, help provide resources and research for breast cancer prevention.”-Holly Hosterman