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a line of naturally handmade scarves was founded by Dat Tran and Pat Gough

Lua, a line of naturally handmade scarves, was founded by Dat Tran and Pat Gough of California, while they were exploring the remote countryside of the Far East. They happened upon a small community where artisans created beautiful and exotic textiles using traditional silk harvesting methods and weaving techniques. The silk is spun using traditional spindles and then dyed with meticulous hand dyeing methods in small batches. Dat and Pat formed a partnership where their designs, inspired by their travels, are created by silk farmers and skilled artisans. Through the partnership, the farmers and artisans are provided a sustainable livelihood and the opportunity to continue creating using their centurys old craft.

We invite you to visit Cameron’s and witness their beautiful creations. The silk is light and easy to wear all year long. The patterns come in an array of swirling color combinations. You are sure to find the perfect scarf for your wardrobe!