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Elaine O'Neil

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Luv This Place North Carolina  Art Calendar

by Elaine O’Neil

So it ‘s that time of year again when Elaine shares all her wonderful images of North  Carolina in the way only she can do.

”For me, place is more about embodying the essence and the emotionally salient aspects of a location rather than ensuring physical accuracy. I strive to make my pieces LOOK the way you FEEL when you’re at a place.”

Elaine moved to North Carolina twenty two years ago and to this day, is still dazzled by the places she has discovered. This dazzle is clear in her images. Though her poster calendars are filled with images of places we have all visited, her sense of whimsy create a magic that is new and real.

Her story begins in rural Maine. She was born the great granddaughter of a lighthouse keeper, a granddaughter to a framer and the daughter to a home economics teacher and ardent seamstress. She began sewing at an early age and eventually became the textile collage artist she is today. She received a degree in textile design from the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, and has shown her work in galleries up and down the East Coast as well as in the mountains of North Carolina. She has been commissioned to do work which now lives in Russia, England, Greece, Italy and France.

”My process begins by approaching each textile collage with a simple sketch. Then through snips and cuts, my scissors, like a painter’s brush, slowly reveal the image. Layer upon layer of fabric, stitched into place using a variety of colors and textures, brings the piece to life. “

Once she has created a piece, she then has it professionally photographed. Through this process, her images are accessible to a larger audience as they are reproduced as cards, prints and calendars.

The idea of a calendar came about as Elaine longed for a partnership. She had created a piece of art to hang in UNC’s Mammography client in honor of a friend lost to cancer. Soon she was collaborating with doctors at the UNC Cancer hospital. Through this partnership, Elaine now shares a portion of the proceeds from the calendars with the UNC Cancer hospital.  This is the ninth year Elaine has created the calendar and truly, every year it gets better and better.

Join us for our Second Friday ArtWalk in August to see her new calendar. For this weekend, all poster calendars will be 15% off!