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We, at Maruca believe that creating small production runs of our bags within a cottage industry, creates a consciousness that humanizes our work and makes for a more ‘harmonious society’. The result is that we can tout a product that is unique, well made and moves from heart to hand.”

Though Maruca is now a women owned and run business, the birth of the company occurred when Rex Maruca, who sold fabric for the upholstery industry, crafted a bag to carry his swatches. And thus, the studio nestled in the foothills of Boulder, was born.

Maruca finds their inspiration in the founding principles of the Arts and Crafts movement that took place in America from 1860-1910. The movement embraced the value placed on traditional and decorative craftsmanship using simple design. The movement was opposed to industrial manufacturing and strove to promote the moral, social and economic health of the nation.  These values are still so relevant in the 21st century as we as consumers are faced with so many choices from fast fashion to a more slow, hand crafted option. Here, at Cameron’s, we are happy to offer an item that celebrates craftsmanship and the process of creating  with love and intention.

Every season, Maruca presents similar shapes but with new invented fabrics. The designers at Maruca had taken great care to listen to their customers and design shapes that are “Funk-tional”. The designs have true style but are also made to be used and appreciated. The fabric is Jacquard which means intricately woven pattern using a special loom in the weaving process. Though the business is rooted in the philosophy of American Made, the patterns of the fabric are inspired from global trends from the beautiful ikats of India to the bold, colorful patterns of Africa. Maruca collaborates with talented textile designers from various small independent U.S. fabric mills. The fabric can vary from cottons to rayons to synthetics-many of which are from recycled plastic. And thus, twice a year, Maruca presents a new palette of colors and designs in shapes that are trusted and familiar.

With their success in business, Maruca is able to give back to several local and national non-profits. These include, I have a dream, Boulder Valley Women’s Health, Children’s Diabetes Foundation, Boulder County Aids Project, Freedom Service Dogs, Community Food Share and Attention Home.