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Back in Carrboro

Hazel Delacruz4 Comments

I have to say it is so good to be back in Carrboro. New York City sure has a lot to offer, but I guess my heart never really left NC.  Still, I’m going to miss Central Park, all those great restaurants and bars, great LGBT scene, Broadway... However, what I’m not going to miss is the fast pace of life, the crowds and the noise!

I guess this would be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Hazel Delacruz. I used to live in the area but moved to New York about ten years ago. Recently, I was sharing with a friend how much I missed Carrboro and would love to find a writing gig back in NC. She suggested I call Cameron’s and see if they could use a blogger. She thought I would have a blast at Cameron’s, and you know what, I think she’s going to be right. The owners are very cool. They told me I can write about whatever I want, that I don’t even have to write about the store. Now that’s a lot a freedom and trust. Hopefully I don’t abuse it.

So in the spirit of writing about whatever I want, I have to tell you about some hilarious thing that happen to me just the other day. I am in the process of learning Spanish. So a good friend of mine knowing this, sends me a book called “Asi como la pierdes”, which is the Spanish translation of Junot Diáz “This is How You Lose Her”. So silly me, not knowing anything about this writer, thought she sent me some cheesy Spanish romance novel and left it on my side table for months. When I finally started reading the book, I was pleasantly surprised how good it was. His writing style is vibrant, gutsy, original. His poignant stories are woven with the immigrant experience and delve into gritty life situations and relationships.

One more thing, Mr. Diáz uses very colorful language, to say the least. The conversations use a mixture of English and Spanish, peppered with lots of curse words. For example, the book has “cállate la boca pendejo” which translates to “shut your mouth dumbass”. Knowing this, I should have been more careful. You see I love to hang out in coffee shops, order a latte and open a Spanish book and smartphone, then when needed speak Spanish words into my phone and have the English translation read back to me. Because of the language, I have usually been turning off the sound on my phone. Well imagine my surprise when I innocently said “cabrón” into my phone and it barked back “motherf**ker” very loudly. People stopped talking and looked my way.  Then I really spazzed out. I started tapping the app repeatedly trying to close it but instead caused my phone to shout the same obscenity three more times, again really loudly. Not knowing what else to do, I grabbed my phone and shoved it under me and sat back down until I could regain my composure.

Very embarrassing. However, I personally believe that in every hardship, there is a lesson to learn. And the lesson here is to remember that technology can be used both for good and for evil. So be careful with how you use it. And remember to keep the volume on your smartphone down!

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