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When things go terribly wrong

commentaryHazel Delacruz1 Comment

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things go terribly wrong and we’re placed in horrible situations to fix. The worst is when you are trying to help out a friend and it ends up a complete disaster. For example, this one time a friend of mine asked if I could watch her bike while she went to grab lunch. While she was gone, I was texting a friend and the next time I looked up, the bike was gone. Stolen! However the best example of this, or maybe I should say the worst example, is what happened to my friend Tamara. A couple of years ago, her friend Christie asked if she would take care of one of her two dogs while she went on vacation for a week. Another friend of Christie’s was going to keep the other dog so not to burden anyone too much.

So one Saturday morning Molly the dog showed up. Tamara enjoyed the company and giving Molly a walk in the morning before work and another after dinner. Everything was going smoothly, at least for the first three days. But come Tuesday morning, when Tamara opened the door to grab the newspaper, Molly shot out the door, ran down the street and within a few seconds had disappeared. Tamara thought she was going to die. How do you tell a friend when they come back from a great vacation that you have lost her dog? After the initial panic subsided, Tamara went into action. She created a lost dog flier and went around the neighborhood pasting it on every corner all the while looking around for a sign of Molly.  That night, when she came back from work, she was hoping to have messages about the dog, but there were none.  Wednesday was the same thing, no messages. And Christie was returning on Saturday.

Tamara decided to take Thursday off and walk around the neighborhood hoping to find Molly. By the end of the afternoon, just before getting back to her house, she spotted at the end of her block a dog by itself. As she walked closer, she recognized Molly. Tamara started calling her, but as she got closer, the dog began walking away. The faster Tamara walked, the quicker Molly retreated away. In a desperate last attempt, Tamara started running but Molly just bolted away and vanished one more time.

Tamara walked home, tears in her eyes. Sitting in her living room trying to regain her composure, an idea came to her. She got on the phone and called Nikki, the woman that was pet sitting the other dog. Tamara told her everything. Then she asked Nikki if she could borrow the other dog in order to lure Molly back to the house. At first Nikki refused fearing that Tamara would end up losing the second dog. But after lots of pleading and begging, Nikki gave in and lent the other dog.

Friday morning, one day before Christie was to come home, Tamara tied the leash on dog number two and headed out into the neighborhood, feeling hopeful and desperate. Only half hour of her life when she spotted Molly at the end of the road and Molly was walking straight to them. When Molly was within a few feet, Tamara lunged onto Molly’s collar and clipped the leash onto her. Just like that, the nightmare was over. The relief washed over her and she felt all the weight of the world fall off her shoulders.

 Things worked out for Tamara, but what an ordeal to go through! It forces me to rethink about helping out friends. Of course I'll continue to lend a helping hand, but maybe in different way. For instance, I think if a friend asks me to pet sit, I am going to provide a list of good doggie spas in the area. I’ll even offer to pay half!