A wonderland of gifts


Our Philosophy

Cameron's mission is to delight the senses and lift your spirits.

When we are selecting products for Cameron’s, we focus on finding items that fall into three categories: We try to find products that are locally made or made in the United States. When we buy items made in other countries, whenever possible, we focus on Fair Trade items. And lastly, we try to find products that are useful as well as fun.


Fair Trade

Many of the clothing and accessory lines we carry are Fair Trade products. In many instances, an American business person decides to create a business that helps a particular group of people, often in another country. She’ll travel to that country to teach these people the skills they need to make her products. She sets the prices so that she can pay them a fair wage, reflective of their country’s economy. With new skills and a living wage, these people are able to move out of a bad situation, whether that is poverty or an abusive life, and find meaning and hope in life.

One of our Fair Trade companies is Mata Traders. The garments and accessories they sell are made by women’s cooperatives in India and Nepal. Along with fair wages and training, Mata also provides benefits such as childcare and health care as well as literacy classes and financial education.

Local Artists

The benefits of carrying items made by local artists are endless. One of the fun benefits is that the items we carry are very unique and often can not be found many other places. If you are looking for a unique gift that will stand out, Cameron’s is a great place to go. Buying from local artists also has the great benefit of supporting our local economy. The more we can support local artists, the stronger our local economy gets because the dollars stay here in our community. The same is true of buying American made products. Buying American products provides jobs for Americans. And if they spend their money here in America, our economy just grows stronger. Its a win all the way around!

Fun and Crazy Gifts

We strive to find items that are both fun and functional. Whether it's clothing, purses, bath products, kitchen items, etc ..., we have gifts that are useful and will inspire you!